I am looking for a few creative and inspired entrepreneurs in the artisan food industry who want to take their products to the right market and make a sustainable profit.  Step away from the day to day realities for a moment and ask yourself this question:

Do you want to build a successful business that supports your spirit and fulfills your dreams?

The answer is Food→Forward, a group of experienced professionals ready to help your food business move forward!   We provide realistic guidance and advice for emerging and established artisan entrepreneurs who seek the same goals:

Collaboration.  Partnership.  Growth.  Sustainability.  Success.

We will help you create and design new or existing products, understand the competitive landscape, analyze and obtain proper channels of distribution, seek funding and get your business humming.   How? 

It starts by completing F
F's core value statement or CVS. The CVS process clarifies your goals and ensures that your concepts are sustainable, scalable and profitable.  Then send us your completed statement and we will provide you with an initial analysis. 

Buying or selling a business?  Then let us help you.

Working together we will bring your products to the marketplace and get it into the hands and mouths of the consumer.